India’s first custom Fabric Air Dispersion System


Fabric Air Dispersion Systems

TurboaSOX Fabric Air Dispersion Systems

Introducing India’s first custom Fabric Air Dispersion System, the future of airflow ducting (future duct / clean duct) used for cooling, ventilation, heating and exhaust. (Fabric Air Ducts/ Fabric ducting)

TurboaSox is a completely customized air ducting solution that is a cost effective, attractive, clean, precise and efficient alternative to metal or plastic ducts and diffusers.

TurboaSox is headed by a team of HVAC and R experts with over 3 decades of experience in providing ventilation and air conditioning solutions for industrial and commercial spaces across India.

TurboaSox Fabric Air ducts / air dispersion systems / HVAC ducting / air ducting systems can be used for transfer, distribution and diffusion of air, using a variety of efficient methods that range from simple point-to-point systems to intricate layouts that follow any given pattern of air distribution and diffusion.

From the company that pioneered energy efficient HVAC solutions in India including TurboVENTS - Wind driven ventilators which is proven for its unmatched efficieny for over 2 decades, indigenously manufactured compact evaporative cooling units, Precise process conditioning solution provider etc. Do visit us at ( HYPERLINK) for more information about our range of products and solutions.

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