TurboaSox is easy to install as well as dismantle and can be done by most construction crews. For clients with custom installation requirements or who do not have a crew available, a dedicated TurboaSox team is available for installation.

Fabric Duct Reinforcements and Anti Collapsible components:

Lengthy fabric ducts may shrink or sag slightly when not in use due to pressure differences. For those clients who want to retain the shape of the duct even while the duct is not functioning, we have a unique product – Sox Prop.

SOX Prop

Aluminum Half Rings


Full Rings with end tensioner


Outside Bows


Plastic Moulded half rings


Fabric Ducts are the easiest component in any HVAC systems to clean. They do not gather dust, bacteria, moisture like other ducts and hence do not provide conducive conditions for bacterial/fungal or algae growth. They can be easily removed and cleaned. All TurboaSox Fabric ducts come with clear maintenance instructions as per the fabric.

Duct Cleaning AMC Option:

TurboaSox also provides Maintenance contracts which are a cost effective, time saving and professional way to ensure that your ducts stay clean and have a longer lifespan. We provide professional laundry options according to the fabric, after all who better to care for your fabric systems, than the manufacturers themselves.

This is specially recommended for Fabric Air Systems that use coated fabrics. TurboaSox ensures the fidelity of the coating during the washing process and if necessary refurbishes the coating.