At TurboaSox, you do not just get a well made, efficient fabric system but also a complete HVAC solution. Our in house design engineers can customise to any requirement and provide cost effective, custom made, productive systems with performance you can see. From the designing phase of the HVAC system to custom manufacturing the duct, installation and further on to maintenance and even relocation, we are there every step of the way.

1. Choose the fabric

  1. Is it for industrial or commercial use?
  2. What kind of airflow system do you need? Let us know your dispersion requirements.
  3. Do you require antibacterial/antistatic/fire retardant or any other process specific properties?
  4. What colour do you prefer?


2. Choose the suspension system

  1. What kid of suspension will be ideal for your structure height?
  2. Do you need a suspended system to reduce the height of your effective cooled area?
  3. Does your ceiling / roof design require a particular kind of suspension?
  4. Do you require height adjustments / relocations often?
  5. What suspension system will match your aesthetics?


3) Choose the airflow pattern required.

  1. Do you need high velocity flow, Low Velocity, medium velocity. Uniform or scattered flow – check for air dispersion varieties and choose.
  2. How intricate is your layout and air flow locations – choose from our dampers, joints, reducers.


4) Choose from extra accessories

  1. Do you need a system that stays in shape even without airflow – ask for SOXProp.
  2. Do you need adjustments in height – ask for a winch.
  3. Do you need custom prints or insulation?


At TurboaSOX, we don’t just go by our Software decisions, we take the time to get it vetted by our expert HVAC team to have the most precise and efficient airflow system.