Tech Spec

Precise and Practical

Fabric ducting’s flexibility in design, allows for precise airflow control and dispersion according to your requirements. Our reliable calculations can ascertain air velocity and volumes at different openings giving you an efficient solution that matches your requirements perfectly.

Our expertise in HVAC ensures that factors such as enclosed volume, outside temperature, type of cooling required, inside equipment / furnishing, number of people, presence of pollutants and many more, including your aesthetics are taken into account.

TurboaSOX is also available in various diameters as per design requirements, site conditions etc. It comes in handy 6m lengths for convenience in handling as well as transport and again can be customized as per requirements to bigger or smaller lengths.

Air delivery options

We cover the entire range of air delivery patterns from our fabric ducts including diffused, displacement, zone or spot, linear cooling and many more using the following methods that vary according to your requirements. This can be done in any pattern or ratio. The dispersion types could be modified along the length of the duct at various positions as well. TurboaSOX Fabric Ducts are that customizable.

Hi Draft – High velocity air flow.
Medium Draft – Medium velocity flow
Lo Draft – Low velocity airflow where the air draft is required to be minimal in critical areas.
Nozzle – High velocity airflow through nozzle for precise cooling or spots.
Mesh – Air flow through textile mesh. Customizable to air flow requirements.


The delivery options can vary as shown below.
1. Through permeable Fabric material.
2. Through a textile mesh.
3. Through perforations (0.5mm and above) that are laser cut into the material.
4. Through fabric nozzles.
5. Through an adapter that can lead to another system or area.
6. Through plastic/metal nozzles
7. Through plastic/metal diffusers
8. Through a combination of the above.


TurboaSOX Fabric Ducts are customizable in shapes considering the site and design requirements.

  • Circular
  • Semi circular
  • Segments
  • Rectangular/Square/ Negative Pressure ducting


Suspension Systems

Suspension systems of TurboaSOX fabric air ducts vary with the structures and the feasibility at site. The fabric air ducts are suspended with options including ropes of GI / Stainless Steel with required accessories or with Aluminum rails suspended or fixed to the roof.

Other accessories including gripple suspension systems, for easy and minor adjustments in height.

  • Steel rope (photo)
  • Rails (photo)


Our Accessories include

The various parts of the duct are held together using zippers and connected to the suspension system using turnbuckles or directly fixed to the tracks.

TurboaSox fabric air dispersion systems also come with adjustable winch and tensioning system.

Duct Types

Easy customization of TurboaSOX fabric ducts is one major advantage in comparison to conventional GI ducting. From the suspension system, the airflow velocity, airflow quantity, diameter of the ducting, application detail of the ducting, other specific client requirements etc., the variable options are varied and easily adaptable.

Few options are given below,

Anti Collapsable ducts


Normal - Duct


With hangers

  • Normal Duct with suspension
  • With Hangers
  • With a zipper along the length
  • Anti Collapsible Ducts.
  • Printed Ducts
  • Custom Shaped ducts

Joint Connections and Air Flow Dampers

Depending on the complexity of duct design, layout and size of the ducts, joint connections are provided, that are either permanent or removable using zipper connections.

  • Elbows
  • T Joints
  • Reducers
  • Multiple joints etc.



T Joints




Multiple joints

Airflow dampers and distributers are also used as per design requirements for control and distributed airflow through the fabric air duct.
  • Dampers