6 Major reasons to choose TurboaSox Fabric Air Ducts now.

  • The inherent importance of Indoor Air quality for a productive workplace is being proven repeatedly throughout the world. With fabric ducting / fabric duct there is total control over the indoor air quality, as fabric duct is washable, has no corners and crevices that accumulate dust and discourages condensation.
  • Airflow distribution across any space can be precisely carried out with various dispersion options including laser cut diffuser sizing, optimized to the required velocities and air volumes, options also includes spot cooling nozzles etc. No more air balancing compromises, as in the case of rigid metal ducting. Its certainly the future of HVAC ducting / future ducts.
  • TurboaSox fabric air dispersion systems are energy efficient and greener than normal metal ducting. Lesser friction and vibration results in lower loss of velocity and higher retention of the required temperature. The carbon footprint is also much lower.
  • Extremely cost effective and efficient, Fabric ducting is almost half the cost of conventional GI ducting / metal ducting and has extremely low maintenance costs associated with it. It is also easily relocated. Installation times are very minimal with a fabric air duct / cloth ducting.
  • No More False ceilings. Save on cost of constructing unwanted false ceilings that not only occupies unnecessary space but also provides a breeding ground for fungus, dust mites and vermin.
  • Efficiency / Air Balancing / Performance you can see and feel. With fabric ducts even a slight reduction in performance or efficiency can be gauged by just looking at the duct. No compromises can be made. With metal ducts, their rigid nature can hide a multitude of air balancing and inefficiency sins.

TurboaSox Vs Metal Ducts

TurboaSox Fabric Ducts

Metal Ducts

Low Cost Higher Cost
Easy Maintenance and hygienic Higher Maintenance
Easily Cleanable/Washable irrespective of length or intricacy of ducts. Difficult to clean and almost impossible in lengthy, intricate ducts
Can be removed and re-installed easily. Not easy to dismantle once fixed
100% customizable. Customizable only up to an extent.
Easily transportable. Not easy to transport
Air dispersion is optimum through fabric ducts. Air dispersion is forced and not efficient.
Lower noise due to airflow and even acts as a noise and vibration damper. Higher noise and vibration.
Takes lesser time to install without much load on existing structure. Longer to install and heavier.
Better for indoor air quality, as fabric is washable with antistatic, antifungal, antibacterial, fire retardant qualities. Not good for indoor air quality as dust and dirt accumulate in the ducts.
Aesthetically appealing, and comes in a variety of colours, prints and textures that match you space. Removes the requirement for a false ceiling. Not as aesthetically pleasing or flexible according to your décor.
Large variety of air dispersion possible. Limited types of air dispersion.
Available in a number of colors/textures/fabrics/prints/qualities (antibacterial, antistatic, fire retardant etc) Only metal used.
Precise design control, uniform air distribution, minimal balancing required. Limited control, air distribution