Information Technology Company – Office Space – Fabric Air Ducting.

Tamil Nadu

One of India’s fastest growing IT firm trusted us with their air dispersion
solution for their new office space in Chennai.

Their architectural
consideration for their office space included the following,

  • Construction
    of the office space with very low lead times – This made them provide a metal
    building with PUF insulated wall and roofing panel.
  • An
    open office design with modular construction of all amenities.
  • A
    strict no to false ceiling policy to have a clean and once again open working
    space to also suit the architectural requirements.
  • A
    clean air dispersion / Air ducting solution which is also aesthetically
    appealing considering that no false ceiling was planned for the building.

When they reached out to us at
TurboaSOX, we were happy to work with their professional team and HVAC
consultants for not only an early completion which means lesser lead times for
the production of TurboaSOX fabric ducts, but also to associate with their HVAC
consultant to provide the best solution possible.

TurboaSOX fabric air dispersion
solution with certified Fire Retardent washable, non-permeable fabrics was
recommended. The air dispersion into the space was handled with MID draft laser
cut orifices to provide a precise mid flow velocity air flow into the space.

Client requirement included a
non-collapsible air-ducting requirement, which does not flatten during times
when the air handling system is turned off. We recommended the half ring SOX
prop arrangement with end tensioning system.

On receiving the designs, the
precise shop floor drawings were made and the complete ducting system including
the special TurboaSOX fabric air duct fittings including T Joints were produced
within a week’s time. Customized clamping systems were designed for their site
conditions to suspend the ducting, the end tensioners were designed in a
modular fashion, which could be moved or shifted easily. Our able team for
timely quality completion of works carried out the installation.

On completion, TurboaSOX air
dispersion system with VCD provided precise and even distribution through the
ducting layout to achieve the required airflow through the working space.

A Clean, sustainable air-ducting
solution was achieved which was aesthetically appealing and suited the
architectural requirements of the office. TurboaSOX Fabric Air Dispersion
Systems – No More False Ceilings, No more ugly HVAC Ducts – Ideal for Office
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