Team & Expertise

TurboaSOX Fabric air Ducts are designed and manufactured by HVAC experts with decades of experience in the field. Having handled turnkey design & build HVAC solutions for varied Industries across India, we have achieved one-of-a-kind solutions that are optimum, providing desired results, with tremendous energy savings. This experience gives us an almost intuitive feel for the most effective solution.TurboaSOX Fabric ducts are the cleanest HVAC ducting solution available. With specialized and certified technical fabrics used for desired applications, the air flow patterns achieved are precise and optimum.

Design Engineering:

TurboaSOX fabric air ducts are custom designed for each project by our team utilising their experience and expertise in achieving optimum air dispersion to meet the project / design requirements.

The design is vetted with the latest in computational fluid dynamics software to analyse the design airflow velocities, airflow patterns maintained etc to achieve desired results. TurboaSOX airflow orifices / high throw nozzles are also physically tested in our test rig for optimum results.

Technical Fabric Selection:

TurboaSOX fabric air ducts are produced with hand-picked technical fabrics. The  selection is made after stringent analysis and testing for specific application/ air handling requirements.

Our fabrics adheres to the highest safety and fire-retardant standards, recognised & duly certified by renowned organisations including SGS under NFPA 701 and also adhering to EN-13501-1, BS-476, ASTM –E-84.

Production Precision:

TurboaSOX is the first manufacturer of fabric air ducts in India, over a decade ago. This continuous R&D and optimisation of process has resulted in a state-of-the-art production facility with the required stitching equipment, laser cutting machines, appropriate machinery for reinforcement / reinforced nozzle production, custom developed testing rig etc. Our workmen are trained to meet the required standards that has placed us as one of the best in the business.

Worry free Installation, Maintenance and Servicing:​

TurboaSOX comes with custom designed suspension arrangement which are robust, durable and easy to install. Our products come with clear installation drawings and connection detailing. We provide documents with comprehensive installation steps etc. when needed. Our team is also available for any advice on the erection process as well.

TurboaSOX also provides on-site assistance. You can opt for supervisory assistance where a trained and experienced overseer is sent to the site. An installation team is also available as per client requirements.

Maintenance instructional manuals are provided specific to the end use of the fabric duct and levels of cleanliness required at the facility. TurboaSOX is also provides regular maintenance and refitting services when required.