How relevant is Fresh Air Cooling? –Especially in the Covid 19 world. Fresh air Cooling with Fabric Air Ducts / Textile Ducting. #SunGreen #Turboasox

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An ideal comfort cooling system always has sufficient fresh air directed into it.  Refrigerant based air-conditioning systems are a closed loop but the recirculation will ideally need to have a quantified volume of fresh air introduced as a basic requirement to compensate for the dilution of Indoor air volume.

The above-mentioned minimum quantity of fresh air is dependent on the number of occupants inside the space as well as the process or activity happening in the space. The design differs for different spaces such as offices, Gymnasium, exhibition hall, shopping malls industrial work places etc., as they all have different occupancy rates and levels of activity by the occupants inside the space. It is a given that strenuous activity requires larger amounts of fresh air.

While the best solution is a 100% fresh air system, it’s not commercially viable as the initial costs and the operation costs involved with the refrigerant based air conditioning system is prohibitively high and not practical or sustainable.

With the present #covid19 pandemic situation around the world, various organizations including #WHO #IMA, #ISHRAE # ASHRAE have come out with guidelines #covidguidelines #airconditioningguidelines to operate comfort cooling solutions and a common aspect of the requirements / suggestions posted includes sufficient fresh air into the space while being practical about costs and sustainability. There is also the need for cleaner systems that do not accumulate dust, pathogens, etc, and hygienic solutions that are easily adaptable.

SunGreen and TurboaSOX are ideal solutions for comfort-cooling requirements specified by the above organizations and also for a high productivity workspace in a post pandemic world.

SunGreen Precise ductable compact evaporative cooling units pose the following advantages,

  • 100% Fresh air-cooling solution.
  • Comfortable temperatures are achieved. (location specific.)
  • Uses evaporative cooling and thus avoids health issues developed due to dry air from conventional air conditioning.
  • Adaptable to most filtration systems.
  • Very low on operation costs – Up to 90% savings in comparison to conventional air conditioning.

The above advantages not only make it ideal for the health concerns involved when recirculated systems are used, it also helps reduce the financial load for businesses that have been affected by the lockdown and yet want to provide the best systems available.

TurboaSox Fabric Air Ducts not only provide best in class air distribution across any space but are also the most hygienic air distribution system for both commercial and industrial needs. Conventional sheet metal ducts are breeding frounds for dust mites, effluents let out in industrial processes, grease and often inaccessible to clean. This accumulates even in shut down spaces. Some institutions also have a false ceiling as an added layer for aesthetic reasons, making it even more difficult to clean.

                   When it comes to fabric ducts, these problems are solved with a simple solutions. TurboaSox fabric ducts can be washed. They also come in anti microbial and fire retardant finishes.

TurboaSOX #fabricducts #textileductsindia is produced out of handpicked technical fabrics specific to HVAC, certified by renowned international agencies and provides precise airflow. TurboaSOX fabric ducts are highly customizable with regard to the distribution, airflow velocities taking into account innumerable design conditions.

Call us at #SunGreen #TurboaSOX today for more information or to provide a customized solution for your space. Stay Healthy Stay Safe and breath quality air.

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