Aerospace Industries – Stringent IAQ and Process air conditioning. SunGreen team provides a precise design and builds solution.

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We were happy to have worked with the Aerospace firm that produces close to 65% of the components for Boeing and Airbus Aircrafts. The requirement was to provide the required working conditions for the workmen, at the same time, meet the stringent demands of the process in the shop floor producing emergency excavation equipment of aircrafts.

            The mandatory ACPH required inside the space with 100% fresh air systems, positive pressurization of the space to void dust ingress and RH of 50 to 65% all through the year were few of the strict requirements.  

            Our technical team analyzed the process requirements with an analysis of the actual site conditions, the existing system details which was to be adapted for the new area in totality, the height constraints in the space, the strict safety mandates required at site for the ducting locations in terms of statutory requirements.

The team from SunGreen carried out the required operations including,

  • Actual site condition analysis of the existing system, the ACPH achieved the indoor air quality and RH levels achieved were recorded.
  • The process was analyzed thoroughly where the fume / odor generation from the process was present was analyzed considering that the safety sliders of airplanes are manufactured here.
  • The precise airflow patterns, allowable air velocities so that it does not hamper the process were determined.
  • The location of the supply and exhaust system with consideration to workmen locations, odor/ fume generation was considered.
  • Considering the large size of the building and the intricate ducting layout with large supply and return header ducts, the routing into the building and connection to TurboaSOX fabric ducts were carried out in the most smooth manner to reduce losses.
  • TurboaSOX fabric air dispersion systems with Mid draft orifices for medium flow velocity into the space was provided, An array of fabric duct lines across the width of the building was provided with the angle of flow and distance of reach consideration while determining the distance placement.

The results were measured, documented. The requirements were met as per the design values provided to the client. The indoor working environment improved drastically along with meeting the process standards to perfection.

            It was a pleasure for us to work with the client’s esteemed team and provide them with a precise solution.

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