Leather Garment Manufacturing Unit – Efficient Zone Cooling Solution.

Vellore, Tamil Nadu – One of India’s largest manufacturers of leather garments from southern India, has always trusted us with their HVAC requirements for over 2 decades.

The latest was a comfort cooling solution for their workmen to cool their working space. Indegeneiously manufactured SunGreen Precise Evaporative Compact cooling units were recommended to provide 100% fresh air at a power consumption as low as 1.1KW / hr. delivering 10000 Cfm of air.

TurboaSOX Fabric Air Dispersion was used to disperse cool air into the space with a Custom Designed Diffuser – The TurboaSOX 360D Nozzle Bank.

            One of a kind system, TurboaSOX – Fabric Air Ducts come with certified FR fabrics handpicked for each application. Installation times were saved, costs towards the same were savings, Insulation of ducting was totally avoided considering negligible heat pick up through TurboaSOX Fabric air ducts.

The 360D Nozzle bank did the job to disperse air into each zone to achieve the required comfort cooling. Our Client achieved tremendous increase in productivity at the same time high-energy savings since all the existing air circulator fans were switched off and replaced with healthy 100% fresh air at very low operation costs.

            TurboaSOX – fabric ducts are washable and thus is the most healthy air dispersion option available as on date. Workers morale was improved with a healthy comfort cooling solution. SunGreen, experts in the field energy efficient HVAC solutions and products.

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