SunGreen Case Study – Precise Process air conditioning with TurboaSOX Fabric Air Ducts for winding space.

Karur, Tamil Nadu – One of South India’s largest net production companies entrusted us to meet their process requirements to have an efficient and productive work environment.

            The indoor air parameters required to maintain the quality standards of the winding process especially during summers included temperatures within 25 to 28 Deg, RH levels between 65% and 75% mainly at the locations where the threads are exposed and the winding operations were carried out.

            The other specific design requirement would be for air to flow through to the space at lower velocities and thus not cause disturbance to the movement of the thread since it could have an adverse effect on the process.

            With a the total production hall which consisted of over 10 machinery lines, we had first designed and engineered a system for 2 machinery lines as per client requirements with temporary partitions to the space to record the end results.

            SunGreen Precise Evaporative Cooling Systems, Indegeneiously manufactured compact ductable cooling units in robust Aluminium / Stainless Steel construction was introduced to the space to supply 100% fresh evaporative cooled air to meet the requirements, the air quantities, both supply and exhaust were precisely quantified to meet the design parameters.

            We recommended installation of TurboaSOX fabric air dispersion systems considering that precise air flow could be carried out with well-designed fabric air ducts and is of no comparison to conventional metal ducting systems. Since the requirement here was low velocity airflow in order to ensure no turbulence is caused to the thread. The same was precisely attained with TurboaSOX fabric air ducts.

            The performance of the system was satisfactory with the parameters met to perfection. Measurements were taken at periodic intervals; the quality of the thread was also monitored to ascertain it. Issues such as cutting of threads, shredding of thread etc. were totally controlled.

            Further to the successful implementation of the system, we have gone ahead to implement the system for the whole building comprising of over 10 machinery lines to achieve precise results.

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