Precise Fabric Air Ducting Systems – Its all bout perfect site analysis, precise design, accurate fabric selection and good execution.

One of India’s largest paper related manufacturing company  trusted us with their air dispersion system requirements for cooling their workmen stationed at various positions operating the automated machinery.

            Having already installed a fabric air ducting system and with the system not serving the purpose due to concerns, they were initially apprehensive about the same.

            Our technical team explained the nuances of fabric air ducting, understood the actual site requirements, clients requirements, the existing air handling system in place to come out with an accurate and optimum solution.

The team from TurboaSOX carried out the required operations including,

  • Actual site measurements were taken – Workmen positions, their orientation and machinery locations in detail.
  • The direction of airflow was decided. The ideal height of ducting was decided upon.
  • Airflow quantities and its velocity were designed.
  • Considering the ducting layout was complicated with a lot of plus joints, T joints etc., Duct sizing, fabric selection and our design parameters were considering by our team for nozzle sizing.
  • Fabric airflow nozzles were decided with detailing carried out including diameter and height to achieve the required results. TurboaSOX Reinforced fabric nozzles were provided for accurate flow.
  • A TurboaSOX engineer oversaw the installation and end results were achieved as planned.

The workmen comfort improved immensely in the new production line with workmen surveys being positive. Our client was also happy with the results and planned on reworking on the existing fabric ducts available at site.

            Design and engineering is an important factor in providing an efficient fabric air ducting / fabric air dispersion solution. TurboaSOX handles the same in the in a precise manner.

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